Lake Agassiz Pebble Pups



If adults are rock hounds, what are kids?  Pebble pups!


Do you have kids who want to dig in the dirt, go on hikes to find rocks and fossils, go to a mine and discover gems, or learn to smash rocks with a rock hammer? If you do, join our new Pebble Pups! We are the kids of the Lake Agassiz Rock Club.


Pebble Pups is a club within a club. There is no need to find a babysitter to attend meetings. Bring your youngster along. We have fun activities to keep the Pups engaged and hopefully foster an interest in rocks, minerals and fossils. Pebble Pups are welcome to join us on most of our field trips and activities and are only excluded when there is an age requirement. We hope that the Pups are the next generation of rock hounds and geologists.
The club explores the wonders of rock, mineral, and fossil collecting. Our program participates with the Future Rock Hounds of America under the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. Our hope is to train youth members to become skilled rock hounds. Each meeting offers an opportunity for earning credit towards merit badges. There are 20 merit badges that can be earned. The merit badge programs of guided activities are listed below.


Who Are The Pebble Pups? Kids between the ages of 5 and 18.

Cost: Parents need to join LARC (Just $30 for a family Family Membership).

Other Info: Your parent or guardian must come with you


Youth Director:  Nina Flippance - West Fargo, ND -


For further information on the Lake Agassiz Pebble Pups please contact us or vist our Facebook Page